Join us for this Intelligent Automation Cloud Community webinar as we showcase successes by our users.

You will hear about:

Operation Intelligent Automation Cloud: Solving a use case
A convention center books thousands of events every year. Learn how they automated their event bookings with Intelligent Automation Cloud accessing multiple applications to coordinate the events, personnel and rentals.
Our team will walk you through how Intelligent Automation Cloud was used to automate the process, and subsequent benefits: saving hours of work, reducing lost bookings, and improving data accuracy.

Bot vs. Box Automation Challenge winner
We challenged our community to build an Intelligent Automation Cloud bot that could beat an application online at Tic-Tac-Toe. The time has now come to reveal the champion bot, as well as the mastermind who created it!

Unveiling the next Automation Challenge
Did you miss the deadline for Bot vs. Box and are now kicking yourself for it? Don’t worry, the next bot-building challenge is coming soon.

We are also happy to share the Intelligent Automation Cloud Sunbird 1.3.0 release notes. Learn how to update to the new version here.

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