RPA+AI technology will turbocharge innovations worldwide: Where does your transformation plan fit into 2019 trends?

Read: Forrester’s "Predictions 2019: Artificial Intelligence"

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Considered by some some to be an all-hype buzzword for the past years, AI (artificial intelligence) is now recognized by industry analysts as a mainstream technology trend. Many enterprises are looking into or already adopting AI to augment business processes and shift workflows. For example, Forrester predicts that over 40 percent of organizations worldwide will leverage solutions that combine AI with RPA (robotic process automation).

Forrester believes AI will form a foundation for companies to innovate across industries and functions. However, the analysts urge enterprises to consider the following challenges typically encountered in pursuit of a successful AI adoption:

  • Obtaining massive sets of quality data — Preparing this data for effective use also usually requires people to label information very precisely, which is time-consuming and difficult
  • Finding and retaining in-house AI talent, including highly specialized data scientists

These challenges, however, can be overcome with the right partners and solutions. Business leaders looking to incorporate AI benefits should look for solutions that build in key machine learning algorithms which reflect standard business practices and let users refine automation models using business logic on patterns, rules of thumb, and other familiar processes. This conveniently eliminates the need to label large amounts of data and enables a much wider range of personnel to train the machine learning models (as compared to solutions that require an inhouse team of data scientists to install and train the software).