WorkFusion On-demand Webinar

The State of Intelligent Automation:
Bots that Learn

The first generation of RPA is simultaneously peaking and showing its limitations.

Customers who have used rule-based products to automate swivel-chair integration work are asking for more, and leading analysts have noted RPA 1.0’s inability to process unstructured data and its overall lack of "magic."

As the RPA 1.0 wave peaks, the next generation of process automation is gaining momentum. The smartest companies in the world have already put into production Intelligent Automation products that use data-driven machine learning paired with RPA to accelerate their digital operations programs. Join Adam Devine, Chief Evangelist, to hear about this next wave.

Key takeaways:

  • Where rules-based RPA product stumble and the critical capability gaps they leave in customer deployments
  • How AI-driven process automation works and how it complements existing RPA programs
  • Why native AI (vs. API calls to third-party AI providers) is critical to delivering both superior ROI and reducing the total cost of automation software

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