WorkFusion Webinar

How WorkFusion’s SAP Certification Enhances Intelligent Automation for Order Management

Join us to learn how the SAP-certified, unified platform of WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud makes life easier for SAP users across any industry.

27 August, 2019, 10:00am EST


Kyle Hoback, Director, Market Enablement. Responsible for product enablement and go-to-market activities, working within the Product team but closely tied to the Sales, Marketing, and Services teams.

Logan Margulis, Global Solution Consultant, Pre-Sales. Responsible for educating prospects on the value of WorkFusion and ensuring mutual success.

Sasha Zinchuk, Product Owner, Robotic Process Automation. Responsible for automation of desktop and web applications, bot cluster management, and orchestration. .

Key takeaways:

  • WorkFusion is the only leading Intelligent Automation software vendor with an SAP certification, reducing time-to-value and automation costs
  • Automation Cloud software interacts with SAP objects, for more durable and precise automation
  • We’ll discuss actual customer use cases, including Order Management

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