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Optimize KYC with Intelligent Automation: Capgemini discusses how technology is helping KYC go from a burden to an opportunity

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Capgemini and WorkFusion, join forces to highlight the latest efforts in KYC. AML compliance is a very time-consuming, expensive and complex activity. Capgemini is leveraging WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud to take the burden away and create a bigger opportunity for businesses to stay ahead of regulatory requirements.

Don’t miss the chance to see how this pre-built, configurable and inexpensive solution is transforming the sector’s landscape in KYC, AML, EDD, and R&C to help achieve operational success for your company.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the KYC and AML landscape so your operations can stay ahead of regulations, costs and customer experience
  • See the Demo of Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)
  • Learn how automation allows your operations to not slow down due to compliance
  • Learn about various challenges pertaining to the automation of Negative News screening, Source of Wealth, Sanctions Screening, and Ultimate Beneficiary Owner processes


Mark Fischer, Senior Director, Intelligent Automation at Capgemini

Devin Crane, Director of Product at WorkFusion

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