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Simplify the Mortgage Income Verification Process with Intelligent Automation

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Join our webinar to learn how Intelligent Automation simplifies the process of accessing information required to make effective loan approval decisions.

Income verification is a tedious but necessary part of the mortgage-origination process. Data must be input and analyzed across legacy banking systems with complicated Excel macros, which results in less time available for front-line employees to focus on customer service. In this webinar, we’ll share WorkFusion’s approach to efficiently automating mortgage verification so you can grow your team's capacity and increase customer satisfaction.

Key takeaways:

  • See how WorkFusion speeds up the mortgage income-verification process with Intelligent Automation
  • Learn how automation results in lower operational costs per mortgage application
  • Learn how your company can see a 50% reduction in the manual effort required to complete income verification


Rachel Tash, Director, Mid-Market at WorkFusion

Maksim Turchyn, Director of Product Management at WorkFusion

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