WorkFusion Webinar

Enterprise Healthcare Success: NY-Presbyterian Automation Improves Customer & Employee Experiences

Administrative and financial processes that support care delivery have an enormous impact on healthcare costs. They also take time away from patient care, as employees have to manage back-office processes.

In this webinar, we’ll share NY-Presbyterian's journey into automation and its strategy for incorporating WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud into its automation program, positively affecting all areas — patient care, job satisfaction, productivity and an increased capacity to handle an ever-expanding workload.

Key takeaways:

  • Glimpse into NYP’s enterprise automation strategy and how it thinks about the Future of Work
  • How an inclusive governance structure and a clear set of guiding principles play a key role in accelerating NYP’s automation strategy
  • A focus on technology helping employees do more of what they do best is key to NYP’s success — delivering excellent patient care and sustaining a great place to work


Vishal Sheth,
Director of Transformation,

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