WorkFusion Webinar

5 Examples to Explain What Intelligent Automation Is – and Isn’t

Intelligent Automation is an emerging software category that overlaps with similar technologies. Intelligent Automation isn’t just RPA, RPA+AI, or Industry Point Solutions.

In this session you’ll get access to a practical deep dive into common business use cases in Banking: Verification of Income, Adverse Media Monitoring, Identity Verification, LIBOR Contract Repapering, Purchase Order Verification. All best solved with Intelligent Automation.

Key takeaways:

  • A subset of WorkFusion’s pre-packaged use cases
  • Intelligent Automation solves for the data and systems
    Ex. Verification of Income and its variety in payslips and tax documents
  • Intelligent Automation is automation software with intelligence and impact Intelligent Automation isn’t just RPA, RPA+AI, or Industry Point Solutions


Kyle Hoback, Director, Market Enablement. Responsible for product enablement and go-to-market activities, working within the Product team but closely tied to the Sales, Marketing, and Services teams.

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