WorkFusion Webinar

Maintaining Business Continuity
with Intelligent Automation

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As companies worldwide navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, COOs and Process Owners are organizing their Operations teams to work from home and still deliver mission-critical processes, like Anti–Money Laundering (AML) and Account Opening, even while remote.

However, companies’ current operating models are not crisis-proof and can be hard to pivot to a digital work environment in only a few hours/days: most processes are still fully manual, work is linear, legacy applications are hard to access, managers have zero visibility on what people do at home, etc.

Banking leaders should consider this as an opportunity to organize new, agile operating models, powered by Intelligent Automation.

In this webinar, WorkFusion experts discuss how automating processes and focusing the workforce on exceptions & controls delivered from a digital environment can offer a crisis-proof operating model for banks — including proven examples of customers implementing our platform for AML and Account Opening activities.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand how IA-powered automation introduces a new “crisis-proof” operating model
  • Access to live demos on mission-critical AML and Account Opening processes for banks


Adrien Cipel, VP of EMEA, WorkFusion

Brian Briggs, VP, Strategic Business, WorkFusion

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