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Account Opening

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Fact: Your company can achieve a superior customer experience and increase operational efficiency by intelligently automating your account opening process.

Companies today have significant room for improvement in account opening processes, which traditionally are manual, slow, costly and fragile.

Intelligent process automation allows banks to achieve significantly improved speed, quality, and auditability in account opening.

You’re invited to the first installment of our mini webinar series, “Automation in 10 Minutes", where we’ll dive deep into our account opening solution. It’s quick and seamless — perfect for new customers who today expect a great digital experience from their bank.

Key takeaways:

  • How to successfully transform your Account Opening process, for example Identity Verification
  • How your identity- verification process can offer a superior customer experience, higher accuracy, and lower total cost
  • Get a demo and customer case study — and your questions answered, live!


Kyle Hoback, Director, Market Enablement at WorkFusion

Mikhail Abramchik, SVP, Product at WorkFusion

Pooja Gupta, Product Management at WorkFusion

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