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Automating Adverse Media Monitoring
for AML

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WorkFusion’s Adverse Media Monitoring (aka Negative News) solution reduces manual work by 70%, cuts false-positive results by 80–95% and enables teams to process larger volumes with higher accuracy.

Every day, Anti–Money Laundering (AML) analysts deal with difficult challenges such as tediously sifting through irrelevant content, searching for high-risk references and working through a fragmented news search process.

Fortunately, our solution streamlines the whole process, saving time by automatically finding and analyzing content, prioritizing it to help analysts make decisions 10x faster and then creating reports and updating core applications so teams can focus on other areas.

Watch the  second installment  of our  weekly  mini webinar series,  “Automation in 10  Minutes,”  where  we dive  into  our  quick and seamless  automation solutions  —  with topics that are perfect for banks who want to improve employee experience and reduce risk of regulatory penalties.

Key takeaways:

  • Your  Adverse Media Monitoring process can offer a superior employee experience, reduced manual work, and larger volume with improved accuracy
  • See a demo of WorkFusion’s solution and hear case studies of WorkFusion customers using it in production — and get your questions answered, live!


Kyle Hoback, Director, Market Enablement at WorkFusion

Mikhail Abramchik, SVP, Product at WorkFusion

Vania Sung, Solutions Consultant at WorkFusion

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