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Invest in Employee Experience: Succeed with Intelligent Automation in Banking

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While many speak of inevitable job eliminations due to AI and automation in future work, the opposite is true for enterprise operations. Without AI and automation, organizations must fight attrition caused by people’s boredom with the mundane nature of automatable tasks. Leading organizations correct for this in present work: AI can be a job enhancer, creating a better employee experience.

In this webinar, WorkFusion experts discuss how retention, role performance, and recruitment (a new “3 Rs”) can be enhanced by augmenting the workforce with automation — including proven examples WorkFusion has seen through customers implementing our software for Anti–Money Laundering (AML) activities.

Key takeaways:

  • Although people have practical human limitations, automation can create a partnership between our best asset, creativity, and robots’ best strengths, memory, consistency and accuracy.
  • High personnel attrition can be alleviated by pushing the most mundane work to robots, freeing people for more interesting, high-value work. Plus, reduced turnover lessens recruitment challenges.
  • “Future work” that leverages AI and automation is already here, particularly in digital and back-office tasks, with many examples available in Banking and Financial Services such as Anti–Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC)


Kyle Hoback, Director, Market Enablement at WorkFusion

Mikhail Abramchik, SVP, Product at WorkFusion

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