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Customer Screening: Eliminate Manual
Work to Eliminate Risk

Improve AML and sanctions compliance by reviewing fewer false positives and
focusing on more high-risk alerts.

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Financial institutions have seen a continued increase in spending on AML and sanctions compliance efforts. It’s estimated U.S. banks spend close to $35 billion on managing compliance programs. Register for this webinar to gain an in-depth view of how Intelligent Automation can redefine your bank’s sanctions program.

Key takeaways:

  • Most AML executives miss the paradox that adding more people to a broken process does not fix, but worsens it, with each additional person bringing on more risk in areas such as Adverse Media Monitoring, Payment Sanctions Screening, and Name Sanctions Screening
  • Because financial crime analysts are directing most of their manual effort dispositioning simple alerts, they are not able to truly focus on the alerts with the highest risk
  • Automation software is increasing satisfaction across all stakeholders, from analysts conducting the work, to customers benefiting from faster turnaround times and compliance professionals seeing reduced risks


Robin Jain, Director at Everest Group specializing in Banking & Financial Services

Michael Abramchyk, SVP of Product at WorkFusion

Pooja Gupta, Director of Product Management at WorkFusion


Kyle Hoback, Director of Product Enablement at WorkFusion

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