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Banque de Luxembourg — An Automation Journey

How a major European bank streamlined its most labor-intensive AML tasks

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In the race to digitize processes, companies are employing automation to simplify complex tasks and improve teams’ efficiency.

See how this technology is improving organizational functions across the enterprise and amplifying value for customers.

Join Jean-Claude Maas, Head of Operations and Robotics at Banque de Luxembourg, and Brian Briggs, Vice President of Strategic Business at WorkFusion, as they discuss automation’s value for banks and answer your questions.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how the adoption of automation solutions can reduce manual work to free up capacity for more meaningful tasks
  • Automating your Adverse Media Monitoring can cut a 30-minute process down to 2 minutes, dramatically reduce false positives and create a detailed audit trail


Brian Briggs, Vice President, Strategic Business, WorkFusion

Jean-Claude Maas, Head of Robotics, Banque de Luxembourg

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