The Challenge:

Create a bot using RPA Express that helps organize email
What do you wish your inbox did automatically? Maybe you can use keywords to look through the subject line or body of messages and sort them into categories or apply labels? Or, you could go further and try to create additional functions such as unsubscribing from unwanted emails, responding to repetitive emails with templates, etc. It is up to you how far to go, but do take into consideration how you'll maintain your rules long-term.


3 winning entries will receive a $500, $300, or $200 Amazon gift card!


  • Use the Microsoft Outlook email application
  • Built-in Outlook rules functionality cannot be used

Judging guidelines:

These are the qualities we look for in a winning entry:

  • Completeness of the solution: How well it handles exceptions and shows end-to-end processing
  • Effectiveness of the bot script: How well it performs and what techniques are used to automate
  • Presentation quality: Impress us with your screencast, subtitles and sound


To participate, all entries must pre-register, using the form at right.

Please send your results via email to: by June 15.

For consideration, your submission email must include a link to the YouTube video of your screencast AND the attached RPA Express script file and/or BP package.

Submission Deadline is Friday, June 15, 5pm EST

Don't Have RPA Express yet? You can download it for free here.