Entering contact information from business cards into your database is a common and annoyingly manual process. That’s why we invite you to transform this dreary task into an automated end-to-end process using Intelligent Automation Cloud

The Challenge:

Create an automated solution that digitizes your business cards and enters the data into a Salesforce account.

The Rules:

  1. Process the provided set of business cards through your RPA script to extract the following information:
    • Name
    • Job title
    • Company
    • Phone number
  2. Create new contacts in Salesforce with the above information (you can create a trial account here).
    Please note: Your solution needs to be able to handle exceptions.

Guidelines for Success:

These are the qualities we look for in case studies:

  • Completeness of solution. We want to see how well your solution manages exceptions and accounts for an end-to-end-process.
  • Presentation quality. Take time to prepare your screencast, subtitles and sound.


Show us your skills and get valuable feedback from the WorkFusion team. Send your results via email to AutomationChallenge@workfusion.com. For consideration, your submission email must include a link to the YouTube video of the screencast AND the attached Intelligent Automation Cloud script file and/or BP package.

Don’t Have Intelligent Automation Cloud yet? You can download it for free here. Then learn how to master this amazing tool in our free training course on Automation Academy.