Digital transformation is more than just a way to reduce costs. It’s also a vehicle for new revenue. Leading enterprises have given countless hours back to their businesses and significantly improved customer service delivery by automating processes like intake, onboarding, accounts payable, procurement, and order-to-cash.

The path to delivering digital results, however, can be difficult and filled with unexpected roadblocks. The purpose of The Four Phases of Digital Transformation: The Intelligent Automation Maturity Model is to help operations leaders navigate it with confidence.

This eBook help you determine the optimal automation strategy for your operation, make critical decisions based on best practices, and catalyze change by identifying key signals within your business.

The eBook includes:

  • The 4-stage maturity model for Intelligent Automation including key technology capabilities mapped by stage
  • A map for selecting the Intelligent Automation strategy that’s right for your business
  • A primer for making the 8 critical decisions for successfully establishing and evolving your Center of Excellence (CoE)
"We created this maturity model to give you a snapshot of the varying programs and initiatives you will embark upon to prepare you for your Intelligent Automation journey."