From Task Automation to Digital Capability Creation

We’ve licensed Everest Group’s latest intelligent automation and digital workforce research so that you can freely download it.

Nearly every business has used RPA to "deploy a few bots," but swelling volumes of unstructured data and customer inquiries, growing numbers of new applications incompatible with legacy systems, and mounting existential threats from born-digital competitors require enterprise leaders to look past short-term, tactical point tools to a long-term, strategic digital workforce solution.

This crisp report by top analysts at Everest Group Research, written for operations and business-driven IT leaders, will help you understand how to break your automation efforts out of silos and grow beyond task automation and into true digital transformation through the combination of AI-powered cognitive automation, RPA, and workforce orchestration.

The report will help you see the evolution from where you are now to where you should be next:

Highlights in this complimentary report:

Key problems in the traditional workforce model Page 3
Benefits of the next-generation digital workforce Page 5
Clear definitions of critical automation capabilities Page 6
Differentiation between RPA and Cognitive and why they’re a winning combination Page 9
How combinations of digital capabilities like OCR, NLP, machine learning, and chatbots deliver business functions like data entry, reconciliation and customer service Page 10
An industry-first visualization of how intelligent automation transforms the front and back office Page 13
Case studies of common use cases, like customer onboarding in banking, accounts payable in shared services, and product categorization in commerce Page 15