Automation Challenge Series

Join the WorkFusion community in creating new and innovative processes using Intelligent Automation Cloud. Compete in a series of challenges that put your automation skills to the test.

Challenge #3:Let's Get Personal

In this challenge, you'll create an automated personal assistant using Intelligent Automation Cloud.

Winner of the challenge

Vladislav Sadykov

"This winning idea was efficiently executed in an engaging and well-explained video. The purpose was to create a bot that could look up information from a car auction website with poor search function and compare it to other sites to determine which car has the best resale value." – Pooja Gupta, Director of Product Management, WorkFusion

"I was motivated by curiosity and drive to see how far I could push the Intelligent Automation Cloud capabilities and my own skills. The toughest part was working with tables and lists. I had to use several splitting techniques to get the scraped data in the right order, so I could use it later in a table and export it to Excel without distorting the previous order." – Vladislav Sadykov

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