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Radius Bank Builds Growth Engine with Intelligent Automation

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Radius Bank has focused on deposit acquisition to fuel growth, and the bank’s partnerships and other strategies are paying off. The problem? To onboard and serve new customers, Radius needed automation. Join Damon Greenberg, Senior VP and Director, Operational Excellence of Radius Bank, and Andrew Woessner, Founder and CEO of R-Path Automation, as they outline how the team at Radius Bank began their automation journey and charted a strategy that enabled the bank to implement and expand an Intelligent Automation initiative, creating a platform for growth.

Key takeaways:

  • Specific considerations for implementing Intelligent Automation in banking
  • Selecting the right tasks for beginning an Intelligent Automation initiative
  • Achieving critical metrics, such as deposit account growth, without overwhelming employees


Damon Greenberg, Senior VP and Director, Operational Excellence, Radius Bank

Andrew Woessner, Founder and CEO, R-Path Automation

Rachel Tash, Director, Mid-Market, WorkFusion


30-minute discussion of Radius Bank’s automation journey
15-minute Q&A

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