WorkFusion Webinar

Scaling Automation with ICA Gruppen

How a large retailer employs automation to stay ahead of competitors.

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Now, as always, companies are looking for ways to cut costs, strengthen processes, and improve efficiency. Learn how Intelligent Automation technology has helped major European retailer ICA Gruppen create more resilient processes and amplify value for its customers and employees.

Join Simon Harmark, Chief of Automation at ICA Gruppen, and Brian Briggs, Vice President of Strategic Business at WorkFusion, as they discuss how companies can effectively apply automation and create scale within their organizations.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to organize your business with Automation Leads and Power Users to get the most out of automation
  • Get insider tips for building and sustaining an automation program at scale


Brian Briggs, Vice President, Strategic Business at WorkFusion

Simon Harmark, Chief of Automation at ICA Gruppen

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